Karen Kurchyne is a psychic medium in Rochester, NY with more than twenty-five years of experience in card readings, dream interpretations, past life readings, mediumship, psychic messages and energy healing. Her earliest experience was what she later realized was a past life recall when she was just four years old. Her first medium connection happened when she was 11. She then went on to do tarot card readings and dream interpretations for friends throughout college until she was led to serve you.

Karen has significant experience in face-to-face, phone & email readings, coaching, home parties & home clearings. She may use oracle cards during a reading.

Home clearings include a reading of the energy in the home and those that live there while smudging the home using the four elements to clear the energy. Karen does energy healings, using Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy attunements while allowing your energy & body, as well as Spirit, to lead where healing is directed.

She teaches classes on a variety of topics on ways to embrace your personal power & Spirit and walk well on this journey.  Past Lives, Kids and Spirit for parents, clearing energy for yourself and your space, connecting with the earth and your animal totems, and using tools such as oracle cards, candles, & pendulums are just some of the classes that she offers.  Karen is always creating and teaching new classes designed for empowering YOU to live your best life!

Karen was ordained in July 2012 as a non-denominational minister offering Life & Love Coaching as well as Spiritual Counseling. She is available for sacred life events such as weddings and baptisms. In coaching, she helps you identify the hurdles in your path that keep you from achieving your dreams of abundance, Love and Peace.

She believes we are here to give each other some Peace on this life’s journey and is honored by the trust of her clients.

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” ~ Luciano De Crescenzo