Karen has two public pages on Facebook, and would love to connect with you there.

Karen Kurchyne, Peace Gardener: Cultivating the Beauty in You (click title to be taken right to it)

Karen believes it’s up to each of us to not only see the beauty in others but to be reminded to see it in our own reflection. She uses this page to share reflections that uplift & embrace, as well as share respect, kindness and Peace.



Green Girl Tips to a Better TomorrowGreen Girl Tips To a Better Tomorrow (click title to be taken right to it)

Karen connects deeply with Mother Earth and believes we are stewards of this beautiful planet. It is up to us to take care of her, spend time in her and let her heal us. We return our gratitude by walking softly and leaving little impact. This community page offers advice for thinking, living and acting with powerful Green intent.



Peace Rocks! Rochester (click title to be taken right to it)

Peace Rocks! was started by Karen in 2013 based on her Love of humanity, nature and rocks!  We write simple positive messages of Peace and Love on rocks.  Then we give them to those we care about, to strangers who are friends we’ve not yet gotten to know, and we leave them for others to find.  We hold public events for all ages!  Join our group on Facebook to find out more information!  Peace Rocks! say, “We are all One, all connected.  That no one walks alone.  And that someone cares.”