Power Pouches

IMG_6016Power Pouches are created to enhance your own inner power and remind you to Power Up!  They are made to be worn or even placed under a pillow.  These pouches contain high quality empowered items made of Mother Earth.  Each holds a carved animal fetish, two crystals, herbs and a feather.  The feathers included have been found in my yard or on my travels, gifted by our feathered friends.  The items are intuitively chosen to shore up your own energy.  You may order custom pouches by email or phone.  Pouches are 2″w x 2.5″h.  $27

Available Power Pouches for: Strength, Abundance, Peace, Love, Spirit Connection, Personal Power & Balance.  Custom pouches can also be ordered through email to Karen at ladybughealing@yahoo.com.

These beautiful pouches are made to work with your own intentions.  Made with intent to aid YOUR intent!

Animal Fetish – Chosen to embody the characteristic of that totem.

Crystals – Each crystal is selected for the energy for which the bag is intended.

Herbs – Plant energy that enhances intent.

Feather – To  give your intentions flight!

Essential oil – Draws energy within through aromatherapy.  Oil is packaged separately on a Blessings cloth for you to add by choice. (packaged in a small Ziploc bag)

Purpose of the pouch


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