Psychic Medium Readings

Karen relays messages from your loved ones, spirit guides, & angels with the intent to bring you some peace and understanding. She may use Oracle cards to open up the conversation or to clarify a message.  You may ask any questions about your past, present, or future, loved ones that have passed over.  Karen also receives information about past lives and you can request a past-life reading.  Please understand that you are usually provided with specific past life messages based on what you need at this time in your journey.  However, you can ask questions about any past lives about which you are curious. Karen also communicates with animals, both living and those that have passed.

Readings are private and confidential.


In-person readings are done at Karen’s office within The Purple Door, 3259 Winton Road South, Henrietta, NY  (Paid for at the time of reading, cash preferred.)

* You are more than welcome to record readings or take notes, as I do not record the session for you.  Most smart phones come with apps for recording or you may download many for free.

  • $50 for 30 minutes
  • $90 for 60 minutes
  • 2 people in the same sitting: $50/ea per hour, for a total of $100.  Add $15 for each additional person, per hour.

In-person readings at your home within 20 miles.  Additional costs outside of 20 miles to cover travel time and distance.

  • $75 for 30 minutes
  • $125 for 60 minutes
  • 2 people in the same sitting: $65/ea per hour, for a total of $130.  Add $20 for each additional person, per hour.

Corporate Events – Karen is available for your corporate or business event.  She’s read at events at historic museums, art galleries, salons and book release parties. Contact her to schedule your business event for employees, sponsors, or clients.  Offer something different and fun, while also healing and empowering.

  • $125 per hour

Private readings via telephone

Karen has done hundreds of phone readings throughout the United States, Canada and South Korea.

Please NOTE:  Phone readings are scheduled in advance and must be paid for by Noon the day before the reading, otherwise the appointment will be cancelled.  Pay below only for the amount of time that Karen has scheduled with you.  Paying for more time does not guarantee an extension of your reading based on Karen’s schedule.

  • $50 for 30 minutes
  • $70 for 45 minutes
  • $90 for 60 minutes

Psychic Readings

Psychic Festivals

You can pre-book and pre-pay for a reading with Karen at a Psychic Festival and receive a $5 discount.  Email Karen at to book the reading.  Payment must be received at least 24 hours prior to the festival start.


Festival Readings

  • $45 for 15 minutes (Cost at the festival is $50)
  • $75 for 30 minutes (Cost at the festival is $80)

Psychic Festival Reading

Energy Healings

Karen offers both hands-on and distance energy healing using Reiki and IET attunements. Once more, she acts as a channel for Spirit to bring about the healing you most need. Healings are done to clear blocks and balance your chakras, as well as whatever may be holding you back. She often gets messages or visions during a healing session, which she will then share with you at the end.

Full Moon Healing and Clearing Sessions

The Full Moon is a time to release what you no longer need or what doesn’t serve you. What better way to utilize that energy than to get an energy healing!  Contact Karen  to schedule a Full Moon Healing and Clearing session! Call ahead to schedule as appointments go fast, so schedule soon!  So if you miss one, schedule ahead for the next!


  • $50 for 30 minutes
  • $90 for 60 minutes

Energy Healing

EmPower Hour Combo

You schedule a one hour appointment and you will get a 30 minute energy healing, followed by a 30 minute reading.  I want to help you balance your body and give you some direction in your life.  You can also choose a 20 minute coaching session, instead of the reading, for the second half.  Let’s EmPower you to live your best life!

Just $90!  This is a $10 savings from scheduling the sessions separately.

Contact Karen to schedule.  Payment at time of appointment.


Life Coaching

Karen will work with you to identify any hurdles that are currently impeding you from having Peace, Love and Joy in your life in all ways. These sessions are intuitively led by Spirit with love and understanding, yet are straight forward, honest and realistic. Expect homework! They are meant for you to address challenges you currently face and move them out of your path. Most sessions are scheduled in-person, though they can also be done via email or phone.  Make sure to bring a notebook and pen for notes…You’ll need it!

New Moon Coaching for life path growth

The New Moon is a time of beginning and to focus on what you want to start or grow in your life.  This is a great time for a coaching session!  We can look at what you want, where you are in that journey, and identify actions that you can do to bring it to you sooner!
Call ahead to schedule as appointments go fast, so schedule soon!  So if you miss one, schedule ahead for the next!

Business Coaching / Consultations

Karen built her personal business from the ground up, and she will work with you to do the same.  If you are struggling on where to start our just need help growing your existing business to greater heights, schedule a session. Bring a notebook and pen as well as your business information and questions to your session!

Karen has a background of 25 years in the corporate world that build her experience in marketing, purchasing, sales and negotiations which she put to work in the past 10 years of self-employment.


  • $50 for 30 mins
  • $90 for 60 mins

Life Coaching

Home Clearings

Karen uses the four elements – Fire, Water, Earth and Air – to clear and change the energies in your home. She uses candles, herbs, crystals, sound, water, salt and most importantly, intent. Members of the household can be present during the clearing. Karen will start by smudging each person present. A small- to medium-sized home usually takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete. Variables include size of the home and your questions/issues addressed post-clearing.  Karen does much more during a home clearing than a multi-step clearing process of your entire space.  She also does a full reading of the home and the energies she is picking up as well as provide education of how You can better manage energies in the future.  So you get a reading, clearing and class all in one!  It’s money and time well spent!


    • $125 for the first 60 minutes and $40 each additional 30 mins in 30 min increments

Home Clearing

Home Parties

Gather together a group of your friends and family for a fun night of messages. You provide a separate room, a card table and two chairs.  Contact Karen via email or phone to schedule.

Parties within 20 miles travel for Karen:  The host/hostess receives a free reading with a minimum of 6 paid readings (total 7 readings include host/hostess) and a maximum of 8 readings per party.  Each person receives a private 15-min reading for $40.

Parties outside of 20 miles travel for Karen: Contact Karen for pricing as it varies based on distance to cover Karen’s travel time and costs.

Please note:  Host/Hostess is responsible to cover the cost of no shows for readings under a total of 6.

Reverend Services

Karen was ordained in 2012 as a non-denominational minister and performs weddings and handfastings, baptisms and baby blessings, and home blessings.  She will work with you to create your own personal meaningful sacred ceremony to joyously celebrate your beautiful life events!
Karen is also available for end of life blessings and release, to bring comfort and knowing that the Divine surrounds you and your loved one, as they move to the greatest beauty beyond. And yes, that includes your furry loved ones. <3

Contact Karen to discuss and schedule your sacred life events.


Please contact Karen directly to schedule all services.

Please Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notification. All services are confidential. No one can guarantee 100% accuracy based on the freewill actions of those involved; therefore Karen must disclaim all liabilities on any information given during a service upon which anyone acts. All services are for entertainment purposes only. Information provided does not replace professional, legal or medical advice.